Monday, March 03, 2003

Intelligence Online!

Coming from the French, what an oxymoron. That’s right, you think the US is screwing the Iraqi people? Oh yeah,your system works. Right. You French have been screwed since the beggining...FROM YOUR OWN STUPIDITY!!!
What Is This Man' Problem?

What is this man’s motivation? We all know that derivatives are a sham, but we love betting on the weather. It’s human nature, Warren! Besides, silly, a lot of people trading on a “Micro” level, creates a “Macro” problem.

Indeed, at Berkshire, I sometimes engage in large-scale derivatives transactions in order to facilitate certain investment strategies.

So what you do, on a “macro” level is okay? What a sham. What are you up to Mr. Buffett?

Korean Nuclear Danger

I met a former CO of the USS Dallas SSN700 this evening. Although he wouldn’t give me any specifics about the fun days in 70’s & 80’s, fighting the good war against Mother Russia, he did give me his opinion of the current world situation. His opinion was rather surprising, but hell, he spent 22 years in a metal cigar.

He was of the opinion that the US should not go to war, on any of the three fronts (Iraq, N. Korea, Iran), without UN approval. I was shocked. Here was a CO of one of the most fearsome, popular (thanks to Tom Clancy), and powerful pieces of American hardware ever built, telling me that the piddley UN should dictate US policy?! How the hell could he rationalize that?

His response was that there are far more powerful enemies out there than the average American knows about. The Dutch, Germans, and Japanese have some the best Subs in the world. And North Korea does as well. These are subs equipped with some of the best technologies ever put to sea. He explained that when the world isn’t as ease, the US sub force is forced to recon the positions of these subs. He expressed to me the danger of the North Koreans having a sub force that can lurk on the shores of the US, and is very hard to detect.

Hmmm, so what the Koreans may not have the ability to launch at us from land, can they do it by sea?

Update: Please pardon the article, getting any information out of this guy required quite a few “beverages”.

Thursday, February 27, 2003

Creating a Nervous Nation (CNN)

This morning as I was getting ready for work, I caught a small piece of a CNN Headline News Consumers Alert (my roommate had it on, I wouldn’t watch that channel for money). All I heard was a reporter stating that Home Owners Insurance does not cover nuclear events, and that people should contact their agents to find out if there are policies they could get to cover such an event.

MY GOD!! I don’t even know how to respond. What crack-heads.

Update: No offence to legitimate Crack-Cocaine users. I hope you can accept my apology for that low remark. Of course CNN is much more degrading, and I would never put anyone down to that level.

Wednesday, February 26, 2003

Ahh, Glenn, Glenn, Glenn…

It’s a good thing I go to for the articles, otherwise I would have never spotted you. Smart chicks, with nice tits. Glenn, you da’ man!!

Update: Oh, Glenn, you dog!!

As I was watching the Rather/Saddam Interview, I couldn't help but notice that they both had similar features. I mean, it's not like I was watching the program for actual news. CBS is obviously competing with CNN for Middle East Propaganda Rights.

Is it just me, or could these two be brothers?

Update: Rather needs to let his jowls grow out a bit, grow a 'stach, and dye his hair. Same nose. Same brows.

Mr. ScrappleFace

Now here is a man I’d drink with every day. If you can get through this blog without smiling, you probably shouldn’t be living. Your life is meaningless. You're probably better off dead.
Don't We All, Zacarias, Don't We All...

There are very few views that I share with Islamic Fundamentalists. May I suggest the following…Order one now!!!

That’s Right, Be Afraid

"We are pleased with the arrest and conviction of Ms.
Goldstein, even though on reduced charges, but we are also
concerned that other members of this terrorist cell may be at
large and ready to carry out the original plot," said CAIR-FL
Communications Director Ahmed Bedier"

Welcome to our world.
Refute?! Refute!!!?

I have been hearing, on CBS Radio News, that the White House and CBS are at odds on who will refute the Rather/Saddam interview. Have people gone fucking crazy?

Saddam has had months and months to make a case for not stomping his ass. Why should the White house even acknowledge this current ploy to stall a war? I understand that he is the leader of Iraq, and that what he has to say might be of some general interest. Why should this interview prove to different than any other he has given? Just because it’s Dan Rather? Saddam has lied, deceived and tricked, at every other opportunity he has had to “come clean”. Why the hell would the White House give him the least bit of credit by refuting what he has to say? Why give him any credibility at all? It’s to late sucker.

P.S- Kudos to Rather for scoring the interview. You should have shot him, schmuk.
Get A Job!!!

If these jokers actually worked for a living, the economy would be in great shape right now.
Brought to you by the makers of the French Military…
And Professors Like This, Glenn.

About time they got rid of that fuck. No Sami in Miami. (or Tampa for that matter)
God Bless You, John.

Thank you for pointing out that, even silly liberals have brains. I guess it’s just the Hollywood jokers that don’t quite get it yet. And yes, Dan Rather is a schmuk.
Fired Passion

I am a political being. What passes for mass-media news generally doesn’t hold my attention. However, the recent nightclub tragedies do require some comment.

People, has Neiche taught you nothing? Never, never, never, be part of the heard. Especially in a dangerous situation. Keep your eyes open, your ears working, and your brain thinking. When people are moving in one direction, in mass, stop and think before you follow. I know I’m preaching to the wise on this website. I know you folks think before acting. Generally.

People, as a group, are stupid. I know that it might seem like an ignorant comment, but look at the facts. People make better decisions when on their own than with a group. “Group Think” got Reagan in trouble (hint: Iran Contra) and it will in every case. Especially in a panic situation. Remember to always use your first instinct, not your first gut reaction, when a bad situation arises. Think, people, think.

Historically, every single tragedy that has transpired at a large venue could have been avoided. If only people thought before they took action. Let your mind do the work, not your instinct.

Tuesday, February 25, 2003

Blogs That Just Kill Me

In High School I would have either given him a wedgie, or handed him a beer. He goes to the mat on everything that doesn't meet his expectations, but he also bakes bread?! Amish Tech Support is a dork you don't want to fuck with. (Bi-polar?)

The Professor, aka Instapundit. Straight-laced, and funny, at the same time! Would love to get drunk with that man. But only once...

A Talking Dog. Hehe.
"A dog walks into a bar. He hops up on a bar stool and puts his front paws on the bar. He looks the bartender right in the eye and says, "Hey, guess what? I'm a talking dog. Have you ever seen a talking dog before? How about a drink for the talking dog?"
The bartender thinks for a moment and says, "Alright. The toilet's right around the corner."

Now, that's some funny shit...hehehehehehe..(I kill myself....)

Mr. Toothbrush
Judging by his picture, the alcohol industry owes this man some thanks.

Conveys Narrative Numbers (CNN)

Why don’t they just give in already and change their name. Who even watchs that crap anymore?
(thanks to the Prof and Paxity)
Bitch slap Blix

My Dearist Blix,

"This is cooperation on substance," Blix told AP. "Substance is if you find weapons, you can destroy it. If you find documents, it may constitute evidence. That's not process."

The same AP article quotes the Dan Rather/Saddam “interview”…

Saddam apparently hinted in an interview with CBS' Dan Rather that he might not destroy the missiles

Does Blix not read? What a shmuck!
The Agnostic is new to blogging. What he says, and how he says it, will offend some. Too bad. The Agnostic does not patronize. He does not sugar coat. His world is not one filled with daisies.

The world we live in is knee-high in shit. The Agnostic tells it like it is. No apologies.

Monday, February 24, 2003

The Agnostic Has Awoken